Cardi B's relationship with one of her favorite brands is about to reach a new level.

After years of shouting out Fashion Nova on social media and in her music, Cardi announced in April that she is collaborating on her own collection with the brand this fall.

Now, it has been revealed that she will perform a headlining set at her own launch party in early November. According to TMZ, Fashion Nova's CEO Richard Saghian anticipates that Cardi will release a new single at the party. Whatever happens, the world will be able to watch the event for free via a live stream on Fashion Nova's website.

During an Instagram Live session in early August, Cardi talked about pushing back the release date of the Fashion Nova collection from September to November and told fans that she wants to bring "two female rap artists" to perform at the launch party.

"I was going to put out my Fashion Nova collection in September I was planning to put it around Fashion Week and everything," she said. "But we're going to do it in November, because it's a lot of pieces. I think there are over 100 pieces that are going to be in my collection and we're going to have a big rollout. Fashion Nova is going to have a big first party. I'm going to perform and I'm looking for other artists to perform. I want two female rap artists to perform. You know, ones that are coming up. I really love City Girls. They definitely have to do it for me."

Cardi also announced that there is a new project in the works, which she will release after she has finished four or five more songs.

"There are like about five songs that I was supposed to put on Invasion of Privacy, but it just didn't make sense," she explained. "So I'm going to put it on this project. I really want to put it out on September 1, but I'm missing like four or five songs."

Previewing one of her new songs on Instagram recently, Cardi made sure to include a line that directly shouts out her business partners: "I look good in anything, Fashion Nova on clearance."

Maybe this is the song she will unveil at the Fashion Nova launch event? We'll find out in November.