At a Toronto tour stop during his Memories Don’t Die Tour earlier this week, Tory Lanez was filmed punching a fan in the crowd. It was unclear what exactly prompted the violent reaction, but it happened during the rapper’s signature crowd walk after he asked everyone to put their hands up. On Friday, Lanez took to his Instagram to set the record straight. 

Speaking directly to his fans, Lanez said he’d seen news coverage of the punch and needed people “to understand two things.” 

Firstly, Lanez said “there's a difference between someone who comes to your show as a fan and somebody who comes to your show to cause you a problem and to cause you bodily harm." He didn’t specify if he knew the concertgoer he punched. 

The second thing Lanez wanted to make clear referred to his crowd walking habit. “If you’ve been to a Tory Lanez show in the past four or five years, you understand… I’ve never been absent when it come to the crowd,” he said. “I would never disrespect my fans… but I’m also never gonna let nobody come to my show and cause me a problem or bodily harm.” 

He left it at that, but the main takeaway is that Lanez strongly disagrees with the narrative that he randomly punched a fan he didn’t like at his show. It might look that way in the videos, but there’s probably a deeper story here—one that we’ll probably never get to the bottom of.  

In other news, Tory Lanez debuted the video for his collaboration with Ozuna, titled “Pa Mi,” today. This is the first song Lanez has recorded in Spanish and is from a Spanish-language project that will drop later this year. It’ll be called El Agua and will also feature “Talk To Me,” Lanez’s recent collaboration with Rich The Kid.