RL Grime's NOVA, his first full-length project since 2014's VOID, is out Friday. But first, Grime is giving us a glimpse at his overhauled approach to his creative process with the new track "Light Me Up" featuring Julia Michaels and previous Grime collaborator Miguel.

Speaking with Zane Lowe Wednesday, Grime explained how sessions for the new album felt like "an evolution" for him. "There's obviously still some darker moments, but the whole album feels like an evolution for me to step into, like you said, a broader space," he said, adding that NOVA intentionally contains "light, summery" moments.

As for "Light Me Up," which actually began as a "pretty old" demo from NOVA executive producer Diplo, Michaels told Lowe it was an opportunity to work with three artists she's always admired. "I was like 'Sweet, let's do it! Absolutely!'" she said of getting the call from Grime. "It's awesome because I get to be on a song with people that I really like. I think Miguel is so talented and his voice is like butter, then getting to do it with my friend. So it was really great."

Catch the full NOVA tracklist below.