Justin Bieber got a fancy new car delivered straight to him at an elegant hotel, reports TMZ

On Friday at the Montage resort in Laguna Beach, CA, the Biebs received one exceptional delivery: a brand new, cherry red, custom Lamborghini Aventador. TMZ estimates that the car probably came with a price tag of at least $500k. The 730 horsepower ride was delivered to the pop star on a flatbed truck.

TMZ was told that Bieber took some video footage of his new set of wheels and took in all its beauty before hopping into the driver's seat and taking it for a ride. On Saturday, he posted footage of his car in Snapchat and called it his "baby girl."

Maybe Justin Bieber will take his "good friend"/make out buddy Hailey Baldwin out to enjoy the luxurious new ride. 

Bieber is enjoying the car after getting into a little trouble (again). The singer is still facing heat after the Bieber Brawl of 2016. He recently received another new lawsuit from a man who claimed that a simple autograph request sparked the big fight that resulted in his injuries.

Tobias Cannon filed a lawsuit in the attempt to hold Bieber accountable for his physical injuries. Although Cannon initially tried to settle, Bieber wasn't down. The infamous fight took place after Game 3 of the NBA Finals, right outside of a downtown Cleveland hotel. Months after the incident, Bieber was named as an assault suspect by police and an investigation was initiated.