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Troye Sivan released a new track on Wednesday featuring Ariana Grande, "Dance to This," from his upcoming second full-length album, Bloom.

The highly anticipated track is a sexy, smooth bop that begins with Sivan's light-as-air vocals layered on a syncopated beat. Sivan sings, "Young ambition, say we'll go slow but we never do/Premonition, see me spendin’ every night with you." A great candidate for any playlist of summer anthems, the cut features a quick beat from a drum machine with the occasional presence of dreamy guitars.

Grande first appears in the second verse, singing, "Dear beloved, bring those 501s a bit closer, bit closer/And dear, my lover/Do that thing we never do sober, sober."

The two voices are a true match made in dance music heaven and blend beautifully together during the second chorus. If "Dance to This" is up your alley, Sivan will start his Bloom Tour with Kim Petras on Sept. 21. Before that, Bloom itself will drop on Aug. 31.

Also in August, Ariana Grande will release the long-awaited album Sweetener, her fourth album.

Check out the video for "Dance to This" below.