Logic just released the music video to Marshmello collab “Everyday,” a track emphasizing how hard the average person works every single day while still getting unfairly treated and harassed by their superiors. Written by Robert Hall and Alan Ferguson and directed by Ferguson, the video is a clear tribute to films like Fight Club and Office Space which explored the mundanity of a 9-to-5, with the latter receiving the most direct homage halfway in. Logic also pays tribute to AZ’s legendary verse from Illmatic’s “Life’s a Bitch” to start off one of the verses here. All in all, this thing is chock-full of surprises.

This is a pretty amazing video, from a writing and production standpoint. Not only is the entire story actually engaging, albeit familiar, but we get a new aesthetic every few minutes. From the dull, grey interiors of an office to the sunny liberated park—where Logic, Marshmello and co. destroy a printer in a direct homage to Office Space—the music video keeps your attention actually makes you care about the character's dreams for something more. Haven’t we all felt the exact same emotions, at one point or another?

Additionally, the production—from hair and makeup to prosthetics in order to age Logic appropriately, to a clubbing segment and a seemingly real skydiving moment—is just plain impressive. Even though this thing is a solid 10 minutes long, I have a feeling I’ll be watching this again at least once. The fact that there are some genuinely hilarious moments in this video is just the cherry on top. Immediately, you’re reminded of a time when a song’s music video was almost as important as the song itself. Care, effort, and energy went into this, and it absolutely shows.