Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa have teamed up for the first time to release "One Kiss," a new song out today but that is tailor-made for summertime pool parties. The song is a breezy, radio-ready certified bop, with Lipa singing over a bouncy, house-inspired Harris beat. Along with the song, Calvin Harris also released a lyric video on his official YouTube channel that features several beautiful people kissing each other over and over again. 

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe from Beats 1 on Apple Music, Harris opened up about the process of making “One Kiss” with Lipa. He’s known her since before she blew up internationally last year with “New Rules” and her self-titled debut album, and they had vaguely spoken about collaborating together on a song in the same way that everyday, non-multi-talented folk vaguely speak about making international hits all the time. (Except, you know, not.)

Still, this is the first time the two massive artists have actually hopped on a song together. Something about the timing was right—not only is she a massive star, but Harris is interested in making music with a different sound lately.

“I just want to make dance music again,” Harris said. “It seemed like a good opportunity to make a house sounding record with her.”

One of the best parts of the new song is Dua Lipa’s perfectly sultry vocals. Harris told Lowe that he doesn’t have a “conscious” technique for getting stellar performances from the artists he works with, though. “I just know what I want to hear,” he said. “I know when it makes me feel a certain way then it is what it is. You know very soon very early on whether you're going to get it or not.”

You can download "One Kiss" from Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, TIDAL, Google Play, and more.