With seven recurring vocalists making an appearance on each album, it can take some time to recognize each voice and personality. While Kevin is on almost every track, and Ameer, Matt Champion, and Dom are frequent heavy lifters, the others make more specialist appearances.

As with any boyband, it’s crucial that one get to know the boys.

Kevin Abstract is the visionary, with songwriting credits on almost every track, and the mastermind behind some of the best hooks of 2017. With the most developed solo career of the group, one that involves an album and tour in 2016, his fingerprints are easy to spot on the group’s musical direction.

Romil Hemnani is the lead producer, and his chemistry with Kevin is in many ways the bedrock of the group. He’s produced or co-produced a majority of the songs and also doubles as the recording engineer. His room is the studio. He has amazing eyebrows.

Ameer Vaan graces the album cover for each volume of the Saturation trilogy. His deep voice and steady flow are iconic, and the backbone that holds I together. His verses often involve a Jay Z-esque narrative of moving from drug dealing to pop stardom.

Matt Champion is the pretty boy and a fan favorite. He has a charismatic, laid-back style paired with a capable singing voice.

Dom McLennon is perhaps the most technically skilled rapper of the group, with the ability to switch up his approach and flow for each song. His verses will grow on you.

Joba mixes and masters all the group’s music, along with occasional production and lending his falsetto and spastic rapping to the song chemistry.

Merlyn. MERLYN! Often called the group’s hype man, his distinctive cadence will get stuck in your head even against your best efforts.

Q3 is the production team of Jabari Manwa and Kiko Merley. From Grenada and Jacksonville, Florida, respectively, this duo’s presence is felt throughout the Saturation trilogy.

bearface. is a singer and guitarist from Belfast, Ireland most notable for his role on the closing track of each Saturation album. For much of Saturation Season, he was traveling back and forth between the US and the UK, but he seems to have rejoined the group for the Love Your Parents Tour.

HK is the group’s graphic designer and one of the key creative directors. He’s responsible for the single and album covers, and also edits the music videos, documentaries, and short films.

Ashlan Grey is the cinematographer and cameraman. He’s responsible for most of the visuals that Brockhampton puts out. One of Kevin’s most iconic lines, “My shooters only speak Spanish,” is a loving tribute to Ashlan.

Robert Ontenient, AKA Roberto, is the band’s webmaster and subject of a storyline told through of the group’s album skits and interludes that frame the music videos.

Jon Nunes, tour manager, makes appearances in the group’s tour vlogs.