Omarion—who's had some trouble getting his latest album released—is having trouble getting listeners to pay attention to him. The last time he made a lot of noise was when the rest of B2K wanted to reunite and he essentially went all "new phone, who dis" on them, prompting B2K stans to go ham in his mentions. Now, it appears he's alienated some fans again after a recent show in Namibia drew a damn-near empty venue, for what sounds like a completely avoidable reason.

Mind you, this is far from Omarion's first time performing in Africa; his video for "Distance" was filmed in South Africa, and there's footage of him performing in Kenya and Nairobi this past summer. He even dropped a quick promo for this Namibia show, which looked like a monster of a show.

So what did the Namibians who copped tickets to see Omarion do? They stayed the fuck home, boycotting his performance. Not sure who was that hyped up to see a press conference, but the results were undeniable. 

Phil Mphela, a South African entertainer, said that this was an example of the "Namibian press, influencers & people" teaching Omarion "a lesson. DONT DISRESPECT US!!"

It doesn't look like the show was totally empty, based on a video Omarion tweeted from the event. It's hard to see what the crowd looked like, but O at least had a few ladies rocking with him enough to hop on stage.

The moral of the story? No matter how big you get, the people who got you there and cop your tickets ultimately have a say in how your shows go and your albums sell. Keep it in mind.