For the third time in less than 24 hours, Lil B has confirmed approximately 10 other men jumped him prior to his set at Rolling Loud Saturday. After video surfaced of someone who appeared to be Lil B being beaten and stomped, The Based God confirmed he was on the business end of the ambush. Lil B also alleged that A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie orchestrated the attack in retaliation for Lil B criticizing his music. Having skipped his performance, Lil B said he harbored no ill will towards A Boogie and used the opportunity to promote a platform of non-violence.

“How I’m gonna run with it is positivity for myself and use this to show people that you don’t retaliate with violence,” Lil B told Revolt TV’s Shaheem Reid. “I love them. I love Boogie and his whole crew, and I’ll hang out with them. Feel me? We can shake hands after this if they want to chop it up and talk to me.”

After his initial set cancellation announcement, Lil B dropped a series of tweets in support of Boogie and his crew and confirmed there would be no retaliation on his part. All told, there were about 10 tweets addressing the matter, essentially promoting various forms of non-violence and condemning retaliation.

A final tweet from Lil B on the matter randomly read, “Salute to Drizzy Drake.”

The backstory there appears to be from Drake commenting “Two sickos” on an Instagram photo of Boogie and PNB Rock.

Given that Drake has called himself the term (and the OVO store sells “sicko” t-shirts), it’s fair to say Drake is using a popular Torontonian phrase and not a pejorative term in this context. Save yourself the shame of having a visit to in your browser history.

Following the altercation, Rolling Loud announced PnB Rock would no longer be performing on Sunday.

They later released a statement regarding the ordeal. “Due to security concerns, Kreayshawn has replaced PNB Rock on the Rolling Loud Bay Area lineup.”

The last tidbit of news regarding Lil B’s jumping at Rolling Loud is that Travis Scott is apparently in support of The Based God. Scott flipped Lil B’s popular phrase saying, “Protect Lil B at all fucking costs” during his set.