Though many people flock to L.A. in pursuit of their musical dreams, that constant influx of aspiring artists also makes the city a tougher place to succeed. Luckily for Chevy Woods, he’s a big fish in a big pond.

Hailing from Pittsburgh, this member of the Taylor Gang crew fuses the hip-hop styles of Western Pennsylvania and SoCal to form his own truly unique sound. He’s quick to admit, however, that when he was first coming up back home, Pittsburgh’s drawbacks for aspiring artists wound up also being its greatest strengths. The city didn’t have as deeply rooted of a hip-hop subculture as, say, Atlanta or New York, which meant guys like Chevy and Taylor Gang founder, Wiz Khalifa, didn’t really have anyone established in the business that they could call upon for help. But this also meant there was a void there that promising artists like them could fill.

Over time, though, it became clear to Chevy that he was being called to the West Coast. Though he’s still got much love for his hometown, he says that the vibe of L.A. allows for a more uncomplicated and “free spirited” approach to his work.

Now, it’s almost like Chevy himself is a Los Angeles native. In the newest episode of New Amsterdam’s Run the Underground, he takes host Natasha Martinez to his favorite San Fernando Valley bowling alley, and then makes time for a poolside New Amsterdam cocktail in Hollywood. Along the way, Chevy, his younger brother, Light, and his trusted producer, Ricky P, dive deep on a number of different things, including Chevy’s original rapper name, Wiz Khalifa’s career-saving ultimatum for Chevy, and how the entire Taylor Gang crew have embraced their de facto motto of “keep your friends close, from coast to coast.” That loyalty to their roots—and each other—is a big reason why these guys are already running the underground in L.A.

For more from Chevy Woods, be sure to check out Run the Underground: Los Angeles in the video above and listen to his latest single, "Alright," here