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Artists pocketing six-figure checks for private performances at home and abroad are arguably one of the music industry’s worst kept secrets. Drake drew headlines for performing at Andrew Zucker’s Bar Mitzvah in 2011. Andrew is the son of former NBC chairman Jeff Zucker, and the event was a precursor of sorts to Drake’s own 2011 “re-Bar Mitzvah” in the “HYFR” video. 

It appears 21 Savage joined the ranks of Hip Hop’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah performers and pocketed a portion of a cool million in the process.

“We’re told Janet and Michael Steinger—an attorney—dropped about a mil on the party,” TMZ reports. “Much of that had to end up in pockets of 21 Savage, who btw ... was flown in on a private jet.”


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Perhaps the picture Savage posted of himself boarding a private jet a few days ago was a teaser leading up to his performance. Either way, 21 Savage made out with a nice payday, and he reportedly toned things down for what was presumably a teenage audience.

“He was nice enough to make a few kid-friendly edits,” TMZ added. “He even let Jake rock his Savage chain onstage.”

If one were to rank the great moments in rappers performing at Bar Mitzvah parties, Savage might slide in somewhere behind Drake, T.I., Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent. In the meantime, 21 Savage is holding down non Bar Mitzvah-related tour dates throughout the country from now until June 3.