Young, explosive duo THEY. continue to shine on the scene, and for their latest release, they debut the fiery new banger, "U-RITE." Behind a brash beat and infectious hook, the duo comes right out and smacks listeners in the face with their latest single, which not only showcases their skills, but their ability to capture more than just a typical R&B sound.

"We both miss those classic Miami Bass bangers from the 90s. Those were songs that brought our people together and, to this day, make people get out of their seats the moment they come on," Dante Jones told Complex about the new single. To coincide with the new drop, THEY. have also launched a new site that features brand new merch and more. You can visit the site here. The single is also available to purchase on iTunes, and can be streamed below.

These are exciting times for THEY. at the moment, and things only look to get bigger in 2017. "We were sitting in the studio basically done with the album and Dante was going through sounds and I heard that siren.  I knew we could turn that into a record," Drew Love said of how the song came together.