Los Angeles collective Warm Brew come through on Thursday with their visual for "No Time," a cut off their new Diagnosis EP, and the visual proves to be nothing short of a hypotic undertaking.

Directed by PANAMÆRA, the visual opens up on members Ray Wright, Serk Spliff, and Manu Li chilling in the car with some cigarettes as they kick back and discuss Jessica Rabbit a.k.a. every man's fantasy "in an animated way" before they had access to all of the internet's treasures. From there, they ride out and cover themselves in Donald Trump masks before casually hitting up a jewelry store.

The camera pans away before we can see any of the alleged robbery go down and instead zooms on the Venice beach trio as they lay into the track's first bars outside a laundromat. You get the idea that these guys aren't where they are supposed to be, but the whole thing trips darker into an underworld of seedy deals and hazy scenes, before they reunite in the early light of morning after a successful night.

Each member has their own take on the visual. "It's for all the riders out there, that know what they signed up for. We don't all lead regular lives," Wright told Complex over email while Li explained "No time is a classic record about sacrifice and compromise between men and women." However, Serk put it all in perspective and let us know that "This video and song are about prioritizing properly and monetizing your time. Too many put the wrong thing on a pedestal. Leave the bullshit at the front door and get this money. As the wise man Mac Dre said, 'It's too much pay up in these streets n you just wanna lay up n freak no not me I'll have no part just like a blind man throwing darts.'"

Watch the exclusive premiere of Warm Brew's video for "No Time" above and be sure to grab the EP, Diagnosis.