Frank Ocean surprised the world yet again—this time by releasing a "movie by Frank Ocean" called Endless instead of the long-awaited album that was until early Friday morning known as Boys Don't Cry. However, reputable sources are hinting that the album may come this weekend.

The relationship between the two projects is unclear, as Endless contains about 45 minutes of previously-unheard Frank Ocean music.

Fans who have seen release date after release date pass them by were ecstatic at getting to hear new music, even if it was often interrupted by the sounds of him constructing a staircase. 

Some fans even admitted that Endless raised their already sky-high expectations for his upcoming album.

Others, of course, were more cynical.

Some fans were not won over by the film at all.

But after hearing the music on Endless, many were quick to drop their anger at Ocean for all of his delays and missed release dates.

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