Cam'ron has always been known for his love of the color pink, but he's definitely taking things to a whole new level in 2016. During the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping, Cam revealed that he's actually gotten the rights to his own signature shade of pink. "I got with Pantone," he explained. "I've got my own pink, it's called Killa Pink."

Cam said his shade of pink is going to tie into his new album release as well as his new sneakers. "In November, when I put out my new album it's called Killa Pink," he said. "And then I got the Reebok 2's, the Flea 2's, is gonna be made in pony skin with Killa Pink also." A rep for Cam has clarified the title of the album has changed following the taping of Sneaker Shopping; it's now called Killa Season 2. Cam also noted that any company who wanted to work with his shade of pink should hit him up. "So Nike can holler at me or whoever can holler at me about using my color whenever they want," he said. "Because it will be the official pink. Anything else is fugazi."

Killa Season 2 will be Cam's first proper album release since 2009's Crime Pays, although he's released a number of mixtapes and collaborative EPs since then. The Flea 2's are Cam's second sneaker collaboration with Reebok. He previously released a pair back in April, which featured the famous picture of him in the furry pink coat on the insoles.

While you wait for Killa Season 2 and his new sneakers, you can check out his Sneaker Shopping episode in the video above.