If you're not up on Anfa Rose yet, he probably doesn't mind. The mysterious 22-year-old behind the project wants the music to speak for itself, and for his art to grow organically. There's no major machine behind some of his songs receiving more than 50,000 plays on SoundCloud. While he still remembers the days he was excited to get 300 views on his tracks, these kinds of statistics don't really resonate as a marker of success for him – he's really just looking to make timeless music.

The Anfa Rose project saw its beginning about two years ago at Dream Big Studios in Sydney, and has spurred the release of both a 2015 EP called She Been Waiting, as well as the rapper's most recent full-length drop Debauched. The latter is another one of those projects that deftly blurs the line between what is a mixtape, and what is an album. Its fully-formed and cohesive sound is perhaps attributable to the rapper working for a year and a half on material with producer and close friend Dopamine, who Rose says is one of the most musically talented people he's ever met.

While he was born and raised in Sydney, Rose is very well-travelled – something he owes to both his parents and some of his pursuits as a teenager, allowing him to visit almost every corner of the globe apart from South America. It may be for this reason that the sound of his music is so decidedly international. While Aussie hip-hop has certainly broadened its horizons in recent years, it's really never quite sounded this effortlessly universal. Rose has cited the fact that regardless of the city you live in, the relationships you have, or the friendships you keep, there's something on this album to relate to.  

To uncover some of the mystery shrouding Anfa Rose, Complex AU got to know our country's next big prospect a little better. Check out Debauched directly below, then scroll down for the 11 things you need to know about the enigmatic emcee.


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