Deadmau5 deleted all of his social media last week shortly after his rant about Justin Bieber went public online. "You’re just another number we can all add into our little follower count, that ultimately adds up to NOTHING I require to make music," he wrote, and later tweeted, "peace out. brb. 2017."

Today, Deadmau5's Joel Zimmerman is seeking to clarify his actions with a post on his personal blog. In the post, he apologizes for his recent actions. He also explains that he's dealing with some personal issues and that he considers himself "far from emotionally stable."

Since uploading this post, he has restored both his Facebook and Twitter pages. According to Billboard, he lost 3.2 million Twitter followers since deactivating his Twitter. In hopeful news, Deadmau5 has tentatively set January as the date he will have completed his follow-up album to 2014's While(1<2)< a>.