Cadillac Tah never became a household name but that doesn't mean the Murder Inc rapper didn't reach millions of ears. While his voice didn't appear on the song, he ghostwrote Vita's verse for Ja Rule's smash hit "Put It On Me." We spoke to Cadillac Tah for our Magnum Opus on "Put It On Me" so of course we asked about ghostwriting the verse and how common ghostwriting was in hip-hop back in the day.

His answer might surprise you; Tah claims that ghostwriting was "super common" but people are just quiet about it. He went on to explain why he doesn't fault Drake for using ghostwriters.

Tah's claims that everyone gets help in the studio mimics what BJ The Chicago Kid recently said during an interview at the Breakfast Club when asked about ghostwriting. "In music, everybody got other people in the studio to help creatively," said BJ. "And I'm not gonna say any names but if ya know who I work with, some of—all of them had people there to actually make a great song."