Robin Thicke took a total heel turn in the wake of his breakup with Paula Patton. It didn't exactly set the world on fire, but he's been underrated since "Blurred Lines," if only because his newfound pop fans didn't realize that he'd been a long-simmering R&B radio staple with great albums, rather than a one-hit-wonder. Nonetheless, his louche perviness and general shamelessness—yes, he's still singing songs about getting "Back Together"—can be charming if you're willing to embrace them for what they are, and this video does a good job playing with that dynamic, having Nicki Minaj turn him down when he makes a move while she raps about listening to Tupac in fishnet stockings.

Unlike his earlier disco efforts, "Back Together" is based around a filter-disco aesthetic that is more EDM than classic soul. Perhaps it's little surprising the song was produced by Max Martin and Ali Payami, the team responsible for similar electronic-disco pop smashes "Can't Feel My Face" (the Weeknd), "Style" (Taylor Swift), and "Love Me Harder" (Ariana Grande). This may be a bit minor compared to those three records, with Robin Thicke the least beloved of all these artists—even the Weeknd gets more respect—but it's nonetheless a funk record that will either succeed as a guilty pleasure, or get lost in the midst of an increasing number of soundalikes (think Jason Derulo's Max Martin-esque "Cheyenne").