Lil Cray is a young Cleveland rapper with a viral hit that doesn't sound too far off present-day Atlanta. It's been catapulted to success on the back of one of the more charming vines of our time, where a kid in his boxers on the front porch knowingly mimes along with the song. It sounds dumb, but it's actually pretty funny. The song's also gotten a boost from viral Vine dancer Denzel Meechie, whose version of the record is more popular than any of the official YouTubes (although Cray's SoundCloud version has over a million plays, making it the main destination for the record that isn't on Vine). It sounds like a Zaytoven record, perhaps something from Gucci's '08 run, but in fact the beat is produced by DaVinci and Bighead. It may not change your life, and a basketball concept isn't groundbreaking, but the record does show how a new generation of street rappers are still making themselves into local stars by knowing their audience and growing organically.