Audio technology has advanced exponentially in recent years, transforming the landscapes of both music and visual arts in the process. At the forefront of this great leap forward has been DTS, the industry leader that has continually moved the goal posts of audio capabilities since 1993, when the company delivered the digital sound for Jurassic Park.

DTS recently teamed up with Imagine Dragons to create a truly unique and immersive artistic experience as the band embarked on its 2015 North American tour. At each and every one of the tour’s 40 shows, all fans in attendance can visit a pop-up art gallery featuring works by San Diego-based artist Tim Cantor, who created the artwork for the band’s second chart-topping album, Smoke + Mirrors. Accompanying 13 of Cantor’s works on display is the song that inspired it—mixed using DTS Headphone:X technology— to create a unique interactive experience. As a result, fans can hear each song like they never have before, with fully immersive surround sound that completely envelops the listener.

You can hear the band discuss their excitement about the project in the video below. And to check out the music video for “Shots,” which was inspired by Cantor’s art, remixed in DTS Headphone:X immersive sound technology, visit Be sure to put on those earphones when you do, because this is one sound experience you definitely want to get the most out of.