It's crazy to think that some music isn't (legally) available at the tip of your fingers on the internet in 2015, but that is and has been the case with Dr. Dre​'s classic album, The Chronic. That all changes tomorrow however, as the project is slated to make its long-awaited digital streaming debut during the official launch of Apple Music, according to Rolling Stone.

Curiously enough, when the original Beats Music streaming service was launched in 2014, the album was absent from the music library, and has never been featured on Spotify or other streaming services. In 2011, when Dre won back the digital rights to the album from Death Row Records, the project was taken down from iTunes and hasn't been re-added since.

With the launch of Apple Music just hours away, it will be interesting to see what other exclusives Dre and Jimmy Iovine pull out to help separate the new streaming service from the current streaming king, Spotify. Along with The Chronic, Apple has already secured the support of Taylor Swift, and will be the only streaming service allowed to feature her album, 1989

UPDATE 6/30/15: Along with the albums inclusion on Apple Music, it is also once again available for purchase on the iTunes store, which you can find here

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