When asked what effect working under a major label had on his sound, Rocky admitted he had wanted to prove he could make "mainstream commercial hits without having to compromise my whole style," referring to "Fuckin' Problems," "Wild for the Night" and "Goldie."

"I wanted to prove I could go from underground mixtape king to mainstream success. People just saw me from 'Problems' and 'Wild' and I got collaboration requests for songs that were just awful. I didn't wanna be a part of it, but offers were coming in because that's what I had put out there."

Rocky said for his second album, A.L.L.A., he didn't want to go too mainstream, so he isolated himself in London at the Red Bull Studios and surrounded himself with some of his favorite artists.

"I wanted M.I.A bad, but also people who weren't even on the album; Skepta, and other grime artists, just to have them around for the energy was dope. I'm actually working with a lot of grime artists right now."