In the first official interview of his career, OVO's PARTYNEXTDOOR talks with Fader about his early career, signing with Drake, and much more. During the conversation, Party spoke on his early career days when he went by Jahron B. and how he started producing his own songs when no one else agreed to work with him in high school. "I was like, 'Okay, cool, I'ma learn how to produce my own beats,' and I stuck to it. Now, it's hard to even take a beat from anyone else," he said.

Party also spoke about his time living in Los Angeles and Miami where he began writing music for artists including Justin Bieber, though none of his songs were ever made. Eventually, he took on the name PARTYNEXTDOOR, which he actually got from a production filter found on the program Fruity Loops. Party revealed that he was first introduced to OVO through Boi-1da, who sent his music to Oliver El-Khatib. As we all know, Party has been a major success within OVO, and now Oliver looks at him as the label's secret weapon. "He's the rare breed that writes, produces, engineers, performs, sings—all in one artist," Khatib said. "He's pulling all of the strings, he's doing everything, so you hear his final production exactly the way he envisions it."

Party is often compared to fellow Toronto R&B singer The Weeknd and while Party acknowledges the similarities between them both being OVO at one time, he makes it clear that their music really isn't the same. "People throw that [Weeknd comparison] over me because I came at a time where people assumed I was there to fill a void," Party said. The piece also breaks down Party's upcoming tour schedule and reveals that he has carved out time during this month to work on his new EP, which hasn't been officially announced as of now. Read the feature in full here.