Lady Gaga slayed at the Academy Awards last night with a terrific tribute to the Sound of Music, but Cleveland news anchor Kristi Capel seems to have missed the point. While somehow trying to compliment Gaga, Capel said that it's usually hard to hear Gaga's voice "with all of the jigaboo music that she does," and just in case you didn't hear her the first time, she says it again.

The anchor next to her tried to play it off and continue the broadcast, but he had the, "You clearly fucked up" look on his face for the duration of the segment. Safe to say Capel might be in for a extended vacation in the near future. If you missed Gaga's wonderful performance from last night, check it out here.

Meanwhile, the anchor claims she had no idea it was a word: 

@John_Ferguson_ @fox8news I apologize if I offended you, I had no idea it was a word or what it meant. Thank you for watching.

— Kristi Capel (@Kristi_Capel) February 23, 2015