Big Sean may have delivered his best album yet in Dark Sky Paradise. He's landed at a more polished sound with better beats than his previous offerings. One thing that's remained, though, is his insistent commitment to double entendres (a.k.a. double aunt andres), homophone raps, and puns, some of which just aren't any good. Many rappers are good at playing with words. Sean is, at times, one of the best. But when he misses the mark, he's worse than DeAndre Jordan shooting a free throw. This line from "Mercy" is great: "I gave her that D, cuz that's what I was born and raised in." This line from "High," though, not so much: "Now I'm in the building like two planes, bitch." This happens a bunch on Dark Sky Paradise, so I sat with it and picked out 10 of the most Big Sean lines I could find and made bad jokes about them.

Angel Diaz is a staff writer for Complex Media. Follow him @ADiaz456.