There's a lot of money being tossed around with Wu-Tang Clan's music right now. Last week, RZA stated that he's set to lose $500,000 on Wu-Tang's latest album A Better Tomorrow. Today, Highsnobiety uncovered that Wu-Tang's infamous Once Upon A Time In Shaolin​ album—you know, the one (meaning that there's only going to be one hard copy) that the Wu has been planning on selling for millions of dollars—has been allegedly sold to *drum roll please* Skrillex

As you can see below, long-time Wu-Tang producer Cilvaringz gives a simple "yup" confirmation to a claim made by another member of Wu-Tang's official forums

The post has flown under the radar since, and neither Skrillex nor any other Wu-Tang members have followed-up with either another confirmation or an indication of exactly how much A Better Tomorrow sold for. The album, however, "appeared" in Skrillex's latest video—perhaps it was a bit of foreshadowing on his part? 

We'll continue to update as more information becomes available. 

UPDATE: False alarm, folks. We reached out to Cilvaringz over email, and he stated that Skrillex hasn't bought anything. It was just a bit of forum banter:

"Bro that was a joke, the album is not sold to Skrillex. It's only in his new video for the song "Fuck That." I would assume the sale of the album would be a grand official announcement, not a simple "yup" joking around with forum members we've been talking to for years."

We can also confirm that while Skrillex hasn't bought A Better Tomorrow, the box in his music video for "Fuck That" is indeed an actual copy of the album. Good on Skrillex for not testing the age-old "you break it, you buy it" sales policy. 


[via Highsnobiety]