2014 was an interesting year for electronic music. With so much resentment for EDM from critics and DJs alike, it made covering the scene very intriguing. That's not to say that mainstream, "easy" EDM wasn't being produced—something had to keep the lights on—but there was a lot of room for exploration on the production side of things. With that came acceptance for new things from listeners, and truthfully, that's when everyone starts to win. DJs and producers were willing to take it "there," and fans ate it up.

In looking back at 2014, we didn't have any huge crossover records like 2013, which saw radio being dominated by Daft Punk, Disclosure, Avicii, and Zedd. What we did get was a year's worth of impactful sounds from imaginative producers, and we ended up winning on the regular. Here's a look at the best tracks to hit the electronic music scene in 2014.

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