I've been saying it all year and so have countless others: vibes are officially in. So in, in fact, that many festivals, venues and nightclubs are beginning to focus many of their lineups on the chiller side of things. The staff here at DAD has been into these sounds for longer than this blog has even been around (two years in January, in fact), and it's got a number of us grinning heavily to see things cracking like they are going into the new year.

Some new game in this realm to hip you to is this uber-tasty number from Panda Coast, a self-proclaimed chillwave and downtempo producer from North Carolina. This is the first time we've featured this dude here, but I have a feeling this won't be the last. "When You Aren't Here" is on some space-y, sleepy, dissonant head-nod shit that I've been listening to on repeat for the last couple days. Now it's yours to cop straight from our SoundCloud because trying to break some vibe-y new shit, even at the end of the year, is what we like to do.

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