With so much time being spent trying to put people onto what's popping NOW in the electronic music scene, it can be hard for newcomers to understand the roots of the varying genres under the EDM umbrella. Getting upset with today's fans for having no real knowledge of the past four decades of electronic music can be troubling, too. Don't humiliate them, educate them. That's where DAD comes in.

We've been fans of electronic music for most of our lives, and always find ourselves listening back to the classics of yesteryear; you should, too. And if you're new, and want to understand some of the key reference points within this vast scene, we're here to help.

This is intended to be a series of tracks that are either classic, representative of different movements within dance music, and/or essential to roudning out your electronic music knowledge. You can't know where you're going unto you know where you've been. This is also only round one; we'll continue to get you androids up to speed so you can turn up to the new bits while getting acquainted with the past.