Now this is the kind of drum & bass I've needed. Don't get me wrong, I popped when Andy C dropped "Heartbeat Loud," as dnb needs new anthems that could impact radio. It's been long overdue. But one of those four minute bits that gets underway a little over a minute into the tune? That's chock full of constant kicks and layered with familiar breakbeats? Something that's super sinister but packs enough punch to murder dancefloors? That's right up my alley.

It makes sense that Friction held onto this one for the massive 10 Years of Shogun Audio compilation, which drops on Monday, December 1. Friction's gone from a DJ who spent way too much time being touted as a "breakthrough" artist. He went from an understudy for the Renegade Hardware and Underfire camps and is now the lone dnb specialist on Radio 1. He's toured the world as one of the best DJs in the scene, and knows how to mix it up when he sits down to crank out a track. And while he has no problem making more emotional bits, I grew to love his hypnotic scorchers.

"Chimera" sits on a compilation that also finds Calyx & TeeBee remixing Spor's "Aztec," as well as material from Rockwell, Calibre, Alix Perez, SpectraSoul and a host of Shogun Assassins. Stream Friction's bit below, and check out the full tracklist for this awesome box-set. This is a 10-year celebration of everything that's good and forward-thinking in the drum & bass scene.