Still very early in his young career, Chance The Rapper continues to build up impressive accolades. Over the weekend, Chance was celebrated by the city of Chicago when he was presented with the prestigious "Outstanding Youth of the Year" award by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Putting aside everything Chance does musically for the city, he has also been a large voice in the city to help raise awareness through his #SaveChicago initiative and bring attention to the countless acts of violence that take place in Chicago on an almost daily basis.

Chance took to his Twitter page to speak on the honor, saying that this was the most important award he will ever receive. Seeing what Chance has already been able to do with his young career, it's safe to say that he has plenty more awards in his future. As part of the presentation, Chance was presented with a plaque for the award, which reads, "For your outstanding contributions to the youth of Illinois. You have given of yourself to the upward mobility of young people throughout the state of Illinois."

Additionally, you can watch the latest episode of Adult Swim's Black Dynamite below in which Chance was featured as a guess voice actor for the show. Chance is currently working on a new and free album with his band The Social Experiment, which he has said will arrive in December.