Artists beefing with labels over their music is nothing new. Lupe Fiasco had it out with Atlantic Records during the creation of his third studio album, Lasers, Kid Cudi blasted Universal Republic for not handling his project WZRD as a priority, and 50 Cent even took shots at former Interscope head Jimmy Iovine on wax

This is all to say that artists are very sensitive when it comes to their music. And the easiest way a label can piss off their talent? By delaying the release of an album. Because of this exact issue, a trend has taken place over the last few years where artists have threatened to release their albums on their own terms. Sometimes they lose their composure in the public sphere, and other times they go off the rails, because #Art. From M.I.A. to Jeezy​, as well as Tyga's latest troubles with Young Money, here are 10 Artists Who Threatened to Leak Their Albums.


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