Over the weekend, we caught the disturbing news of Dillon Francis having to cut his show short because someone threw a can of RC Cola at him, requiring the DJ/producer to get stitches. While he made light of it with a few humorous tweets, it's still one of the most ridiculous things we've had to see happen. I still don't get why someone would want to pay to get into a show just to pelt the performer with cans of soda (or anything), and it looks like others felt the same way. A website, whohitdillon.com, has emerged, with a simple aim: to find the person who threw the can of soda—and offered up a reward of three tacos. We hit the email address on the site, and got word that while they didn't attend the show in New Orleans, they felt the need to "expose the perpetrator," primarily because they feel that Dillon "works his ass off," and doing being disrespected like that is "not cool."

While they don't state what they'd do with that information outside of exposing the person who threw the soda can, they indicated on the site that they are "not affiliated with Dillon Francis, RC Cola, or Taco Bell. We just need to know... #WHOHITDILLON." And finally, we found out that you'll get two crunchy and one soft taco for turning in the perp.

If you have any information on this, you're being asked to email whohitdillon@stotic.com.

(EDM Sauce)