After a month long hiatus, The Magician is back with his September edition of the Magic Tape series. If you're a fan, then you already know to hit that free download button we all love so much, but if you're not a regular then strap in and get ready for a disco / deep house roller coaster. More importantly, this edition of the Magic Tape series confirmed to me that the song "I Love You" by Blonde (around 27 minutes in) is actually a quality tune and that my recent obsession shouldn't result in a downward spiral of self loathing, but should in fact be celebrated by turning up to it on a regular basis. Moral of this story is: if it's in a Magician mix, then it's cool.  So regain control of those musical insecurities and grab a free copy of the mix below. Per usual, it's full of unreleased gold so don't even try to shazam that shit.