Dillon Francis has been a beast as of late. He rebirthed "Get Low" with DJ Snake, W&W's "Bigfoot," and–oh yeah–he's releasing his debut album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule, on October 28, so his current promo run makes sense. His latest is a lot more bright and invigorating than some of his recent works; the "happy house" description on SoundCloud is probably the best way to describe it. Word is Strange Talk's "Morning Sun" (which was featured both in an episode of Glee and a Zac Efron film, That Awkward Moment) was a tune that Dillon Francis fell in love with, which in turn caused him to fall for the band and express interest in remixing the tune. Obviously he got the go-ahead, and now this bit drops via Wind-Up Records tomorrow, September 23. This remix feels like the end-theme of a great summer film, where all of the kids resolve their differences and get ready for the fall season. Fitting release date for it, you know? Jam out.