Depending on when you read this, the members of Cut Copy are either in Italy or Switzerland. Or Taiwan. Or the Philippines. Or Mexico. Or maybe, just maybe, they’re back in the U.S.—which is still 10,000 miles from their native Australia.

This is a life on tour. Never a night in the same bed—or sometimes even in the same country. But that’s what happens once you’ve taken off the way Cut Copy has.

Perhaps you’re already familiar with the band. Maybe you saw them at Pitchfork last year, or caught them on Fallon, or you might even go way back to ’07, when they toured with Daft Punk. But if you don’t know Cut Copy yet, don’t worry. You will. After releasing their acclaimed fourth LP, Free Your Mind, late last year, the band has spent the majority of this one on the road and in the air, touring all throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia. As guitarist Tim Hoey puts it: “All sense of time becomes obscured when you’re touring. You never really know what day it is.”

So how does one stay sane when you’re in a state of perpetual motion? How do you stay connected with home when you haven’t been there in months? The guys from Cut Copy do so by seeking out the familiar and the comfortable, and that starts with the clothes that they wear. Whether it’s a pair of jeans that fits just right or a denim shirt that was inherited from dad, Levi’s® helps the guys feel right at home, even when they’re nowhere near it. “There’s just a consistency in quality and style that I can relate to and appreciate,” says Hoey. For life on the road, where nothing stays the same for long, that kind of consistency can be a lifesaver.

For an inside look at a day in the life of Cut Copy on tour, check out the video above featuring their time at the Splash House festival in Palm Springs, Calif. What far corners of the world have your Levi’s® visited with you? Share your story using #LiveInLevis, and for more information on the project, visit