Don’t you love it when you get a track that you just instantly love? DJ Corey Grand and Marcus Alan Ward’s "No One Loves A Paradox” is the latest one for me. The nearly four-minute journey sojourns through a bed of psychedelic soundscapes and precise break beat cuts and an ocean of sub-bass. The track, which is slated to drop via Long Division Recordings “at the top of October” as part of Grand’s Bathed In Light EP and it has my interest. But if you didn’t already know, Grand has been doing his thing as a turntablist/DJ since ’88 with an extensive background and has been producing for a minute under the influence of Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing, and a grip of other top-tier artists. The point is, this man has a pedigree worth believing in and even more so when you dive into this otherworldly track.