Audio Push gave fans another freebie tonight. Led by a sparse drum kit and a teasing woodwind sample from producer Sapp, Audio Push bring RiFF RAFF and King Chip on board to add their own quirks. King Chip doesn't add a verse, but instead talks shop over a (surely) lean-inspired slowed-out breakdown at the end. On the actual rapping side of things, Oktane and Pricetag take the steady, repetitious instrumental for a cool ride, and RiFF RAFF comes correct with his usual energy and over-the-top Versace Speak.

He anoints himself as a "homeless-ass hustler," but not because he's actually homeless or actually a hustler—he's just a rich, hardworking man who's so rich and so hardworking that the wealth of real estate options available to him has proven to be overwhelming. What a world. #RichPeopleProblems

​Steam or download the track below.