The moment of truth is upon us: ever since I heard Porter Robinson had signed with Astralwerks, I knew we'd be getting something truly special. On Tuesday, August 12, we're finally going to experience worlds, an album that's not only one of the best in the electronic music scene in 2014, but an important step in the right direction for this scene. If we're truly wanting to a) grow and b) escape the stigmas that are placed upon the many facets of EDM/electronic music/dance music/whatever, you have to take chances like Porter has on worlds.

We have a feeling that you Porter fans have been salivating since word of the deluxe edition of worlds hit the site; hell, I pre-ordered my copy, and I assumed many of you did as well. Regardless, Astralwerks has set aside one of those LUSH deluxe worlds packs to give away, and entry is simple. Send an email to with the subject WORLDS DELUXE GIVEAWAY by 11AM EST on August 12, and tell us why you think Porter Robinson is the future. A winner will be chosen at random.

To coincide with the release of worlds (and this dope-ass giveaway we're doing), I'll be sharing my interview with Porter Robinson about worlds. We had a great chat about the influences, sound, and themes involved with the project. If you know Porter, you know he's open and intelligent and just awesome. Check out a preview of this interview up above, then check back on Tuesday (after you've copped worlds!) to get more insight on the release.