I'm not sure how often dying crosses your mind but for me? I'm thinking about death maybe three, four times a day. I picture horrid scenarios where I'm struck by an airborne fire hydrant or trampled by a bale of hay on some road trip. I once imagined a wayward javelin puncturing my eye socket, killing me in a hurry. Anyway, mostly I'm falling out of a window.

Naturally, I think about the funeral. I wonder what the mood will be like, who will show. Also the details: the order of service, which family members might share a few words regarding my general dopeness. Then there's the music, the most important part. See, I wouldn't mind people leaving and going on about how mine was clearly the trillest funeral they've ever been to before wishing that I rest in peace forever with the angels.

I'm not too picky about most things, such as what I want for dinner or what color drapes I hang in my room or whatever. The music that's played at my funeral, though, is something else. It's not up for negotiation. There will be no tampering with or altering what I've listed here, publicly, for you, my witnesses. These five songs shall be played at ignorant levels during the designated times. Church.

Written by Juan Vidal (@itsjuanlove)