Hailing from Harlem, Kid Art is a rapper, producer and director signed to Vinny Cha$e's "Cheers Club," which is a collective of individuals with similar interests in music, fashion, and art. Today, Kid Art debuts his new self-directed video for his first single "FaceTime" featuring Cha$e and production from Sha Money XL.

The video captures brilliant shots of New York City, while Kid Art proves he belongs in the game as a MC, flexing his lyrical prowess with lines like, "All them gold rings kinda like we in the playoffs, smart work/I ain't never take a day off, we ain't be in line since fire drills dawg."

It's not hard to tell that the future is very bright for Kid Art in the rap game. If this single intrigues you, then be sure to stay tuned for Kid Art's forthcoming project due out this Fall on Epic Records.