Her name is Catey Shaw, and her breakout hit, an ode to "Brooklyn Girls," is a blue and breezy summer ditty and/or hot curbside sauerkraut garbage. 

Not quite a song-of-the-summer but certainly the latest contender in Bushwick's seasonal "Let's Pretend, Despite My Suspenders, That Every Other White Kid Who Lives Off The L Train Is A Hipster But Not Me" competition. Behold, the irony of New York media chickadees who look and dress precisely like Catey Shaw's slo-mo whiplashed extras mocking this video when they're hitting up Beacon's Closet for the same throwback early '90s streetwear with shitty stick and poke tattoos. Jesus, be a dermatologist. 

Anyway, you can't say Shaw's gotten the Neo BK lifestyle and aesthetic all wrong, singing, "Jay Z bumps in our headphones; drinks on top of the brownstones; getting it on in the bathroom stall." Been there, done that. P.S., Brooklyn girls are vast, they are multitude.