A few days back we posted the third installment of our "50 Under 5000" series. As per usual, we got hit with a number of messages, tweets, and comments that started off with "you forgot...," which makes me smile. These lists aren't about "the best," or even about highlighting everyone. The singular idea is "these are a batch of dope artists who need more followers." One tweet I did get put me onto an artist I'd never heard of, Dallas, Texas' own Braeden Bailey. I immediately hit his SoundCloud page and got hit with an EP that had just dropped, entitled Heatwave. This nine-track release, which is currently available for whatever the hell you want to contribute, pulls from a number of different influences, from future nu disco to proper trap material. It reminds me of what people like about Kaytranada, but going down a different lane.

Word from Bailey is that this will be his last full release "for a while." Why? He's looking to grow as a producer and possibly drop a few singles. I respect the SHIT out of that.