If there's any debate still as to who exactly is the TURN UP GAWD, that debate is finished NOW. Chicago's own HDYBYZ leaders Flosstradamus and Bricksquad Monopoly Kingpin Waka Flocka Flame have finally unleashed their oft-rumored and oft-played out hoodstyle anthem, "Too Turnt Up," which is featured on the soundtrack for the new film 22 Jump Street. Now I don't know if hoodstyle is a term or that's even politically correct, but that's what I'm calling this massive monster of a crossbred rave'd out hardstyle meets trap meets turn up meets rave anthem GAWDlevel boss mode soundtrack. Maybe I'm just too turned up and this is a crap tune, but right now, I'm just getting TURNT on this jam. This is not just a track for your rave, this is a cultural event right here we might not ever fully understand the significance of–if only because we're all too turnt up.

(Rolling Stone)