With Mr. Carmack's tour of Australia and New Zealand finishing this weekend, it makes sense that he'd link up with Ta-Ku while he was Down Under, but the tune they collaborated one? My Lord! Some proper bedroom feels going down in this one. Who knows; maybe Carmack had some waves of emotion for someone he was longing for while he was so far from home or what. Some are calling for an instrumental version (which might be dope), but there's something about the #sadboy life that has DAD saying "that vocal is OK." Here's what Carmack had to say:

"A simple song that started out as a great experimental beat, then turned into an early morning "joke" track, then turned into an actual attempt at a song, then turned into one of the best collaborative experiences I've had to date. The whole process spanned across the past two weeks. viva taku! thank you for the inspiration to complete this

you, i thought about you when i wrote this, pretty girl"