It's here. This is probably one of the most exciting and anticipated collaborations of 2014. Do I even need to introduce these guys to you? I mean, if you're here and you don't know who A-Trak and Lex Luger are then I just don't understand. My mind is blown. Needless to say these are two titans. A-Trak is a titan of the DJ and dance music scene, while Lex Luger is titan of rap production who basically made the template for the current EDM trap music sound with his late 2000s productions for some of Atlanta's biggest rappers. Together they are Low Pros, and they just dropped a free mixtape of seven tracks featuring some legendary rap stars along with the most exciting up and comers of today. You'll find Juvenile, Young Thug, Que, and A$AP Ferg on here among others.

That all sounds pretty fucking amazing right? Well, it's OK. I find it really equals less than the sum of it's parts. Firstly, all the songs that are feature rapping sound like the rappers are not at their best and the production feels like it's being scaled back so that the rappers have more leeway. Then there's the case of "100 Bottles," where the original is great but the remix (which basically just adds A$AP Ferg) doesn't sound as good. The highlights to me are the instrumental tracks and the Juvenile-featured "Muscle," which is a certified club killer. The meat of the intro track is actually pretty amazing and makes you wish they did more with it.

If I'm sounding a bit harsh, it's because I expected more from this. An A-Trak and Lex Luger collaboration should be so much crazier than this.