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Update: Boots also dropped his track "Dreams" with Beyoncé today. In a Facebook post, BOOTS explains that after a friend told him about a non-profit organization called "Day One" in NYC, he's decided to dedicate every cent from "Dreams" to the organization.

"I feel that protecting women from these horrible and unthinkable acts should take precedence in our society," he wrote. "I feel passionate about this because if more women knew that safe places existed from the turmoil they experience, it could possibly prevent these situations from occurring or reoccurring."

Stream "Dreams" below. 

Today is a special day. The "mysterious" producer behind Beyoncé's self-titled release last year named BOOTS is readying his forthcoming project titled WinterSpringSummerFall and has spent the last few weeks releasing a handful of stunning tracks.

BOOTS began his "two-for (every other) Tuesday" series which began on Feb. 13 after his original composition "Dust" and its music video were posted to his site. And then came "Howl" and "Autumn (Lude I)" featuring Kelela on March 11th. On March 25 came "Ride Ride Ride" with background vocals from Sia and "Alright" followed by "Sheep/Lookin' Muthafucka (Lude II)" and "My Heart Is A Stone Today (Unharmed)" on April 8. And then came his tracklist for WinterSpringSummerFall, which he "leaked" on his own Twitter.

There's a lot to say about BOOTS' career thus far, and his future. He's been associated with a number of bands from his past, and we're aware that he signed a publishing deal with Roc Nation sometime last year. He might still be known as a producer, but now that he's releasing solo material, he's writing and producing every song on his forthcoming project.

Today, we're excited to premiere "A Day In The Life of Jordan Asher," a song he recorded in a Toronto hotel earlier this year.

Here are the lyrics to the song, courtesy of BOOTS himself: 

If there's a god talking to me in my mind
Why does he say the same shit that I'm thinking all the time?
I guess it's just me in there
To be enlightened ain't hard; Voltaire
Sycophants picking my bones; Vulture
Hyper-aware of old love, new drugs, yeah
I watched my best friend drown
Maybe the weight of the world pulled him down
Maybe, it was the chaos we endure 
Trying to find ourselves a purpose 
Is it just me or have I gone and lost track?
That every where I go I gotta watch my own back
And everywhere I go now people try to get they shine
I keep saying "Don't worry bout it, I get mine"

BOOTS ends the track with the haunting memory of personally watching the death of Joshua Basin last year after being pushed onto the L train tracks in Brooklyn. The song ends with a voicemail from an undisclosed female.

Is it just me or are these lives too precious?
It's not worth it to be acting so reckless
We're just drifting through space, anyway
Maybe we'll wake up some day

Stream "A Day In The Life of Jordan Asher" below:

The tracklist for his upcoming project is listed below:

1. "A Day In The Life Of Jordan Asher"
2. "Dust" 
3. "Howl/Your Move"
4. "Fade Away"
5. "Alright"
6. "No More (snowed in)" f/ Shlohmo & Jeremih
7. "Autumn (Lude I)" f/ Kelela
8. "EST"  
9. "Sheep/Lookin' Muthafucka (Lude II)"
10. "Troubled World" f/ Son Lux
11. "Olive Trees And Blue Skies And Hills" 
12. "My Heart Is A Stone Today (Unharmed)"
13. "Atom"
14. "Ride By (Lude III)" f/ Margot
15. "Ride Ride Ride" f/ Sia Furler
16. "Dreams" f/ B******

Stay tuned as BOOTS is taking over the Complex Music Twitter account at 2 p.m. EST to speak with fans and share some inspiration behind his music. 

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