Voyager's a name that's been around since drum & bass has been a thing. We're talking singles in 1994 for Lucky Spin, dropping an album with DJ Rap, as well as releasing material for R&S, Good Looking, and Creative Source. He's even collaborated with DJ Trace as 2D33P. Twenty years of proper jungle/drum & bass music. In January, he put out a stellar three-track release for Tempo, and we're glad he graced our Five Tracks series. We asked him for five inspirational tunes, and this is what he told us:

"Trying to pick just five inspirational tracks is a tough call. There are so many pieces of music that have inspired or affected me over the years, so I’ve tried to go with as broad a selection as possible, and in no particular order. I’ve also tried to pick the tracks based on the ethereal quality they have and how that has inspired me in writing and producing music."